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science update, after cutting out even decaf : energy levels better, sleep better, mood better, executive function better, digestive system better. I'll need to turn in my Finnish-American card at some point, this is a disgrace.

not a terrible deal for a that can take 32gb of ram, is the next-to-last X-series with an ethernet port, next-to-last with a removable battery, an i7, and an FHD display.

skipping even decaf today to test a hypothesis.

I googled "cmake sucks" and discovered that I'm not alone.

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any build system that involves spinners, colorized output, or xml is trash.

I went outside for my daily standup this morning. I should have taken a picture.

If I could grow my hair back I'd just waste it on some dumb Inspiral Carpets bowl cut or something.

my advice to the assembly: don't accept donations, don't incorporate, don't hire staff.

I've been getting up early to land drive-by PRs into random corners of Github, which is synthetic achievement only one step above video games.

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