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"Why didn't you write it in Rust" is a direct descendant of "Team OS/2."

I couldn't find my torque wrench, as it had fallen behind the tool shelf. I cannot imagine installing a square-taper crankset without one.

The flipside of being horrified by the size of my bicycle-parts hoard is finding out that some of my favorite stuff has gone out of production, and I should have hoarded more. . Jobst was always so smug about his MA-2 stash.

Japanese Schwinn, all-Chrome, mangled top tube, a little too big for me, for $50. Instead of collecting more 20th century garage debris I've instead been spinning wrenches on the debris I've already got.

Coming face-to-face with my hoard of bike parts. Holy shit.

I asked my Grandmother once why all of the Finnish immigrant women circa 1900 always spent a year in New York before moving on to someplace like Minnesota. "The pretty ones worked as prostitutes, the other ones worked as domestics." It's wild that we find ourselves back in another gilded age where people have turned to sex work for subsistence, this time using a smartphone and Onlyfans.

my jumped into bed and gave me a zip tie. Thanks, Pikku.

I took a lazy recovery day yesterday. The rest was necessary, and as a result I'm all fired up to train my #circus skills in the #CircusInPlace video chat in a few hours.

Come keep the #clowns company tonight starting at 8pm UTC-6:

That 10-year window from 2005-2015 where it was OK to wear a Fred Perry was fun while it lasted.

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