is a zoo. Dudes behind me in the last talk were discussing their plans to skip the next talk to go collect t-shirts on the show floor. What a waste of time and space, to spend a conf signing up for spam.

Keeping the Blade Runner theme going with a stop at LA Union Station en route to .

Tomorrow morning I'm taking the train to San Diego for the free Contributor Summit portion of .

Shot in '58, released in '61, the Exiles documents where @rev_mook and I go every Wednesday night to do stuff.

Hello again, new people. Just wanted to let you know that you don't need a reason to block people. A half-baked excuse will do. Sometimes I do it just because I damned well can.

And if the person I'm blocking comes from an instance that seems infested with arseholes, I'll sometimes hide the entire domain, too.

Don't feel bad for tailoring your experience. Anybody who says you're in a filter bubble is just upset that you aren't buying into their groupthink. :)

@rev_mook, I should have said. We were able to do our own activations over APRS, which was baller.

Very disappointing to hear that the National Transportation Safety Board (#NTSB) of the #UnitedStates is calling for universal #helmet laws for cyclists of all ages in all 50 states. The only thing helmet laws do reduce is #cycling as a mode of #transport. The only thing that makes cycling safer is proper #infrastructure and more space for cyclists. Make America FAT again? A very ill-advised board indeed.

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