Fixed a binding headset, improved my fenderline.

Discovered a broken stem on Saturday. I ordered an identical replacement from eBay, and now have it in hand Monday morning.

20mph (or 30kph) needs to become the new norm as the #innercity speed limit. Not only does it make the motorized #traffic less deadly if something goes wrong and reduces the number of passing moves. It also reduces fumes and noise emissions and equals the trip times for motorists and and cyclists, rendering an often-heard *argument* against #cycling obsolete. #urbanism #rideabike

ugh, just been pinged by the fifth opsgenie alert in three on-call rotations and all of them are nothing

like i'm not against being on call in principle but some firms use it to patch rush-jobs caused by shit management and we apparently use it to wake devs up for no reason for some kind of uptime theatre?

well it can fuck off

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