Are SIP-based voice conferences for nerds still a thing? I miss my old life, a little.

I've been dragging around my UK import vinyl for nearly 30 years.

Well, that's clever! Create a "hidden" wifi channel by underclocking the baseband chip!

My pile of broken Nexus 5 phones is larger than I can explain.

IKEA breakfast pro game: no potatoes, BYO hot sauce.

The funnest fix for a guitar that had a buzzy neck from being stored unstrung is to store it strung for a decade, pull it out of the case, and discover that it is fixed.

Free Pickup for the Fediverse in Los Angeles: Apple //e Platinum

I installed Ubuntu Touch on an old Nexus 5 last night. apt isn't available. Pointless.

Someone might look at all the data hacks and misplaced data scandals that keep happening and say 'Companies just don't know how to secure data'.

Bear in mind that these same companies mostly just lose *customer* data. How many 'trade secrets' have been accidentally published online? Not many.

The fact is, companies care about their own data. They definitely don't care about yours.

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