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I have a visitor in town, so I'm going to miss my x-no-archive broadcast tonight on @mcornick

two-day-expired chicken thighs, hold my beer.

Hello Fediverse 👋

Please tune in to #Tilderadio ! we have 3 shows streaming for you:

00:00 UTC - The Freshmaker Show with DJ Mentos @mcornick - STREAMING NOW!

01:00 UTC - The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour with @snowdusk (that's me! 😅 )

02:00 UTC - X No Archive with DJ Lars @alrs

To tune in go to:

Chat with us via IRC during the show: (#tilderadio channel)

See you soon! ✌️

Happy Fourth Of July to anyone celebrating, happy fourth of july to anyone not celebrating

Tomorrow on @tilderadio is the following schedule for your listening pleasure

* 0000 UTC - me w/ Freshmaker Show Number Twenty-Five
* 0100 UTC - @snowdusk with Intergalactic Widewave Hour
* 0200 UTC - @alrs with X-No-Archive-But-The-Archiver-Is-Still-Busted-Anyway

tilderadio is a production of the @tildeverse, chasing electrons to and fro

Thank you DJ @mcornick You played a lot oof really awesome songs tonite!! 👍

I will be streaming on tilderadio next, in a few seconds! Tune in!

then DJ Lars X NO ARCHIVE @alrs will be after!

fun fun fun 🎶

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