Instead of spending 30 bucks on proper decals I Union Jacked my Moulton .

The cat and I are home alone, so we're free to prop up a in the kitchen.

Six years, three months into . Just dreamt of accidentally eating a bag of potato chips.

One of the many three button USB mice without scroll from my hoard.

He's a , he's a sysadmin, and his day job is full-size automobiles. It's an , meet @mrbobfrog

is a zoo. Dudes behind me in the last talk were discussing their plans to skip the next talk to go collect t-shirts on the show floor. What a waste of time and space, to spend a conf signing up for spam.

Keeping the Blade Runner theme going with a stop at LA Union Station en route to .

Tomorrow morning I'm taking the train to San Diego for the free Contributor Summit portion of .

Shot in '58, released in '61, the Exiles documents where @rev_mook and I go every Wednesday night to do stuff.

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