I see the like FidoNet. Even though everyone can be reached across the network, you still have individual accounts on your favorite BBSes.

@alrs Oh, that's actually a nice comparison!

Also, nostalgia! :P

@alrs @jcorgan damn! My first was a 14.4... I guess I'm just a kid compared to you guys... 😉

@surfrndk @jcorgan The first modem I paid for myself as an adult was a 14.4. We're all in the same gang.

@alrs @surfrndk yeah, i bought a fancy (expensive) 2400 bps modem in '87. funny thing, i ended up actually working at US Robotics in '96.

@jcorgan @surfrndk I have unrealized plans to make a sticker that illustrates the faceplate of an HST 9600.

@jcorgan and whenever I went out in public with my Palm IIIxe and a folding keyboard I would always get approached by randos asking "How much does that cost?"

@jcorgan @alrs not sure if I should take that as a compliment, lol 😉
Yes, I remember. Back then you felt like being a part of something bigger. Today using the Internet is a so polished off thing that I don't feel a thing. Mastodon, bitcoin and other projects like helps change that and bring back "the good old days" :)

@surfrndk @alrs I came to Silicon Valley in '93, worked at companies that helped build out the Internet infrastructure. Those were heady days, for sure. It's a good thing Silicon Valley got its name back then; today it would have been called "JavaScript Alley" 😂

@jcorgan @alrs I still haven't adapted to the life of graphical user interfaces, lol

@alrs That's actually the best description yet. Including the ability for server admins to read your messages so never assume anything is actually private ;)

(This is actually a legit concern; all us oldskool users have this mindset but people who grew up with commercial services have this naivete about network privacy)

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