On my quest to rediscover where is still happening. server is fairly alive, doing OK, and a ton of amateur radio operators on . Is there anywhere else the is congregating?

@alrs I am sitting on some free software related channels on freenode and they are fairly active. Don't try the amateur radio in there, though, as things got pretty nasty there:

@sp6mr I kinda burned out on freenode free software channels years ago, the loudest people were the ones advising everyone to install everything from source. Yuck.

@alrs @sp6mr I'm in mntmn's freenode chat for the Reform laptop on freenode, plus the void linux and alpine linux chats.
On efnet, various demoscene related things, but that's basically ANSI art and the scenesat radio chat; because the demoscene was more on ircnet. For some reason, Ircnet was difficult to get to from the US and Efnet difficult to get to from Europe in the 90's and early 2000's - but there was some scene crossover.

I also am on twitch via irc when friends stream on twitch (as I watch that via streamlink/mpv, and I don't do electron.)

I've never really found usenet-like things to have an irc presence; back in the day, very few folks on usenet were on irc - though that _IS_ how I found out about it (before the original efnet split. I went to Eskimo with the people who split... I discovered a while back, Eskimo still exists! But I didn't see much activity.)

@tk @sp6mr I lived that life with in 1997. No desire to go back.

@alrs @sp6mr I did it with both FreeBSD and Gentoo. Arch and Debian are my go-to now.

@tk somehow I've been on Debian for 22 years.

@alrs @tk left Debian for #gentoo and #slackware after systemd came along, haven't looked back since. #freebsd is on the list as well.

@vesperto @tk I decided to stop doing ops work when systemd came along and switched to full-time Go development.

@alrs I think Fedora is pretty cool. Also, shout out to the Fedora group on Telegram!

@sp6mr yikes. the channel on geekshed gets a little bro-ey, but nothing like that.

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