Tuesday 0200UTC (Monday night PDT) I will stream from my to for my first show.

@alrs Lars, are you using Mixxx? I did some work for them a while back. Great product!

@xmanmonk yup, I'll be using mixxx. I dj'd a wedding with it, once. It's good.

@alrs Glad you like it. I've done a few parties with it. All mellow, old-school DJing. I can't do all the fancy beat-matching stuff, but even that is easier with Mixxx.

@xmanmonk there will be nothing fancy happening in my set, mixxx scales down to my needs. :)

@s31bz it's an x201 wearing an x200s screen and keyboard bezel, to delete the trackpad.

@alrs @s31bz

I was going to defend the thinkpad being called a trashtop until I read what you cobbled together there.

Now I think it might be a badge of honor.

@alrs @RussSharek Sadly I sold the remnants of a few X220s and then gifted my frankenstein X230 to my best friend, but I had a similar pile of parts laying around for a while. Noice!

@s31bz @RussSharek I regret giving away three x61s, the one I have left has weirdly become my favorite laptop.

@alrs If I lived in a larger space, I would have a Thinkpad and UMPC collection going strong right now.

@alrs Trackpoint master race. I approve my good sir.

@alrs It's always a bit nerve wrecking the first time. Good luck! I like the stand and the interface. I'm sure it'll be fun time. What's the show theme or name?

@mnw I'm unsure as to what the ongoing theme is going to be, but tomorrow night is going to have a lot of indie/noise guitar music.

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