@alrs oh man! 😢 RIP @pla
How many times, how many videos of his rides showing nasty moments... and finally.

@mastobikes @tk

@alrs @mastobikes @tk @pla no way.. I wish this wasn't real. He's such a nice person

@alrs @tk oh no

Thank you @pla for having been with us for so long and for the flavor you brought to this network.


@clacke @pla @alrs @tk

Jesus. What terrible, unexpected news. Truly going to miss @pla for his cycling posts, the photos and his positive upbeat nature. RIP

@andyc @clacke @pla @alrs @tk
This is bloody terrible news. As a fellow cyclist, PLA and I discussed road safety and cycling a few months back. That he should die in such a manner is unbelievable.

I too will miss his photos, cycling stories, and our online discussions.

Goodbye, friend.

@andyc @clacke @pla @alrs @tk Shocking to hear. He always did some nice little tech things for the community, too. And one of our few genuine #tinap fans.

@alrs @tk @pla Oh no.

My condolences to his family and friends. I don't know him that much, but I've generally had good interactions with him.
Awful awful news. I will miss him and the joy he brought to us all

@alrs @mastobikes @tk @pla
So sorry to hear this. We didn't interact much, but I always accompanied his posts and enjoyed his photos.

@alrs @mastobikes @tk
so revolting!
Let's fight against cars, for life! ✊
Good bye @pla

@alrs @mastobikes @tk @pla

Oh no, speaking of a horrible start of the year. I followed Patrick and was amazed how regularly he was riding serious distances.

All the best and strength to his family - and as for Patrick, ride on into eternity and yes: rest in peace.

@alrs @mastobikes @tk @pla

Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear that! I've enjoyed his cycling posts the entire time I've been on Mastodon.

@alrs @mastobikes @tk @pla Fucking hell that is awful news. Always loved his photos of his rides. RIP

@alrs @mastobikes @tk @pla Omg. I am really going to miss him. 😢 I always looked forward to the photos of his bike in various place. Such a lovely person. One of the first people to follow me back on Mastodon.

He will be missed dearly.

@herag @alrs @mastobikes @tk @pla same here, he was such a supportive kind person.

@randynose not that I know of, I can reach out on Strava if you want to try to get in touch with him.

Thanks Lars, I setup an account there and followed him, and left a message in the above pictured thread.

@alrs @randynose

Some really sad news. I greatly enjoyed his posts... they brought some measure of light into the darkness.

@alrs @mastobikes @tk Goodbye @pla, you brightened my timeline whenever you were on it and I know you must have brightened the lives of the people around you in person. God bless.
@Moon @alrs @pla @tk In really going to miss him. He really just enjoyed living life.

@alrs @pla

Oh no! This is awful news!

Condolences to his family 😢

He was a friend to the Fediverse and will be missed greatly 🚴

Maybe those of us who drive can try to be a bit more aware of cyclists around us, and give them a bit more safety space if we can?

@alrs @mastobikes @tk @pla This is why we need to fight for the rights of the cyclist! 💪 cars are only second to third on the road...

Rest in peace good friend..! ❤️ ❤️

@alrs @mastobikes @tk @pla I just started following him a few days ago here. Didn't even got to know him. RIP.


Sad to hear that.

PLA had a positive impact on us, and we will carry that with us. In this way, all that pass, live a little in the ripples that they left behind.

@mastobikes @tk @pla

I'm awfully sorry to hear that.

R.I.P. @pla

Thanks for sharing the bad news, @alrs

@mastobikes @tk

thanks for letting us know.
I didn't really know him, but frequently saw him active in my notifications and on the Fediverse in general.

@alrs @mastobikes @tk @pla

this is very very sad news. 😶🤔

rest in peace my good friend. 🖤

@alrs @mastobikes @tk @pla omg omg 😪😪 thanks for letting us know. We had chats about cycling and he was so kind. This is terrible. RIP Patrick.

@alrs @mastobikes oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that. Didn't follow him, & only just joined this group, but as a fellow cyclist am sadly used to such stories.

This is terrible. He was so nice. And his pictures of all his rides were one of my daily treat.
Be strong
@mastobikes @tk @pla

No!!! I didn't know Patrick L. Archibald passed away on January 1st. This saddens me immensely. Such a wonderful human being, and an inspiration to people who love cycling. The Fediverse will be poorer without him. 😢
@alrs @tk @pla RIP fellow cyclist buddy! I still can't believe it. I wondered why he didn't reply on my picture of the bicycle GPS he recommended on my unicycle.
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