Mountain bike HF portable overlooking the high desert. Mojave space port is out in that general direction.

Sneaky HF antenna on the roof of my employers building. The electrical outlet I planed to use for my soldering iron didn't work, so it's just twisted for now until I can sneak an extension chord up there. Mop handle mast, also temporary.

@alrs in his natural habitat. Kodak Tri-X in HC-110, golden hour, $12 thrift store camera.

The only photo on a large Yaesu Fusion repeater system in my area. I'm going to start uploading LOL cats.

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We're pumping the sound through a 1959 Stromberg Carlson ASR-433 tube amp in to an Audax R-56 Cutting Head mounted on an early 50s Rek-O-Kut TR-12.

This is the kind of setup you might expect to see in a regional radio station circa 55-65 for recording live broadcasts.

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5ghz Ubiquiti nano station stuck in a 4 meter dish. mesh network.

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all the good radios are going out of production, so I picked up an FT60

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