In all the years I've been wrenching on these modules, I can't ever recall a chip failing on me. ( modules, different story) This chip contains four, two input AND gates which drive a few transistors that serve as level converters. From here, a 4051 multiplexer in current mode routes signals from various places to a cross-coupled non inverting voltage amplifier that eventually feeds bar graph meters.

@ReverendDak How much Mountain Dew did it take to make this?


Giant variable capacitor. Useful for getting the impedance of long circular shaped wires down to 50ohms above 3Mhz.

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External source select panel from large format audio mixing console. A single faulty switch tripped the logic out in the entire center section. New switch = all good.

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More Tri-X film from back in the day found in a junk box. Processed in HC-110 @ 64F.

Everyone elses work bench is completly destroyed too, right?

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A transmit converter (and amplifier) for 630 and 2200 meters:

I really enjoy this blog. It's always super detailed!

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Packed some radios on our steel bikes to ride up a hill for amateur radio field day. KK6TGM & KJ6CBE

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50Ω dummy load for testing ham radio transmitters built into a quart paint can. When complete it will be filled with mineral oil to help dissipate the heat.

My mistake was in following the directions! My beautifully soldered resistor network didn't fit in the can. Crimping them made it small enough to fit through the opening.

Next step will to build a nano powered power meter that will plug into to banana jacks.

#hamradio #amateurradio == Los Angeles