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Just bid £1.99 for a 56k modem on eBay.

This can only result in an overly complex and expensive project involving a raspberry pi becoming a dialup server...

It probably wouldn't forward to the real internet, like this guide

But it might offer something over telnet maybe?
(I'm working on a mastodon client for slow text only connections...)

#retro ? #dialup

10M CW from the Florida panhandle. I could hear one station send their call over and over and over - like the OM fell asleep on his keyer. He didn't answer my call. Pile of wire is the counterpoise of my crappy MFJ antenna. I got the best SWR this way. Moved to 20M and made some nice QSO's to New Mexico, New Hampshire, and another to a guy directly across the lagoon from me. Small world!

Worked 2M, 40M from W6/CT-019 yesterday. Photo from the hike down.

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time cat # A simple stopwatch. Run to start, use Ctrl-D to stop. Check elapsed or real time in output.

My junk bin 50ohm load doesn’t work so well above 14mhz.

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Hi! #introductions

I'm Iain, from Scotland.

I'm interested in packet radio on HF, VHF and UHF. I'm working on a secure, robust and reliable packet radio stack on top of #openbsd:

#packetradio #bsd #ax25 #aprs #ip

I also have packaged a lot of radio-related software in Debian:


SOTA W6/CT-226 w/ @alrs .
2M, 20M. Furthest QSO to North Carolina on 14Mhz. 5W into a base loaded 17' vertical wire. No love on 7Mhz.

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I got a pager!

I'm hoping that I can swap the crystal and bring it into the 70cm amateur band.

Anyone have any experience with this?
It's a Scope GEO 40A9M and the back says 454-460 MHz

It looks like a 21.4MHz crystal.

#hamRadio #amateurRadio #pager

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Solar + deep cycle + Linux + HF + Mojave + beer = FT8 DX

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revmook@Elysian:~$ uptime
11:31:31 up 525 days, 15:10

Should I reboot and hope for the best, or let'r run for another 500 days?

Annoyed that the 2M band is always dead in your town? Get your HT out this weekend and call CQ; Light up 2M night, this Saturday. Use your favorite information super highway search for more info.

Fancy bike with Pacifico in a can. I don’t know how they expect anyone to carry a 12 pack of beer and a full HF amateur radio station on this though.

Cycling in Montana is pretty nice. I’m on a fancy pants carbon bike which is pretty nice too.

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