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Hey #amateurRadio fediverse!

@Wilfred does #towerTuesday but it's all from twitter :alex_sob:

Can we do #fediTowerTuesday and show off our aerials and stuff? :alex_partying: :radio_tower:

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All set for Field Day! Will be operating as W4BXC for as long as these three batteries hold out #arrlfd #hamradio #AmateurRadio

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#introductions Hello, name's Donovan, Technician Licensed in Feb '22, Currently In Classes for General Exam May 31st.
Joined local #MDARC group
Interested in getting started in #POTA & #SOTA
#CW / #Morse in 2023?
Outside of radio, #father #gardening #sportingclays #camping

Night hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. TU FER GUD DX

Old service monitor with a power supply that won't start uses power poles to interconnect pcb assemblies. Replaced some caps, and now it starts. Lots of problems with this unit still. :/

Hiked waterman mtn fer SOTA. Thought there would be snow. It was kinda hot. Photo of east twin peaks.

Perhaps the oldest benchmark I've come across in my SOTA efforts. Orange County, California.

Mountain bike HF portable overlooking the high desert. Mojave space port is out in that general direction.

Sneaky HF antenna on the roof of my employers building. The electrical outlet I planed to use for my soldering iron didn't work, so it's just twisted for now until I can sneak an extension chord up there. Mop handle mast, also temporary.

@alrs in his natural habitat. Kodak Tri-X in HC-110, golden hour, $12 thrift store camera.

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