ARRL VHF contest station on a summit, W6/CT-146. This is a 6M dipole. I later attached a roll up j-pole to the end of one of the elements for 70cm. I tried to avoid 2M, but made two contacts there at the request of a repeater friend.

@rev_mook wait, how the hell did you get it up there? what is it attached to or hanging from?

@bamfic It's a fiberglass telescoping fishing pole for crappie. 20' long. Makes a good hiking stick when heading up the trail as well! Normally I attach a 17' wire configured as a vertical for the 20M band, which is much less of a load on the pole.

@rev_mook Looks like you had fun. Kudos for the paddle and FT817 combo. I own the same paddle but mine needs a jack replacement. :-( Care to write about your mobile power setup? Besides Powerpole?

@dl4mat Not much to write about, I have a deep cycle battery from a local auto parts store (which I don't think it a real deep cycle). That connects up to a 80W solar panel and charge controller. Out at the cabin, there is plenty of sunlight, so the combo will keep the 857 TXing at 100W + thinkpad running as long as there is sun. I get a couple hours on just the battery at night.

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