Sneaky HF antenna on the roof of my employers building. The electrical outlet I planed to use for my soldering iron didn't work, so it's just twisted for now until I can sneak an extension chord up there. Mop handle mast, also temporary.

@alrs in his natural habitat. Kodak Tri-X in HC-110, golden hour, $12 thrift store camera.

The only photo on a large Yaesu Fusion repeater system in my area. I'm going to start uploading LOL cats.

5ghz Ubiquiti nano station stuck in a 4 meter dish. mesh network.

After a year of talking about it, I finally spent 10 minutes to run a network cable up to the roof and connect a 5GHz radio. This will eventually be on a large mesh network in my region that runs over frequencies.

Interesting way to ground a small commercial tower.

9:1 unun mounted on a PL-259 connector for tomorrow's Winter Field Day. Fancy pants silver plated teflon wire wound around a T106-2 toroid core. With 500 ohms on the input, I get about 80 on the output at 14ish MHz. SWR is higher than expected, dropping as frequency increases. I'm going to toss this in a tree with ~40' of wire . The internal tuner in the radio should take care of the rest.

Hiking pal ebun on a foggy summit. Worked 70cm FM only from up here. W6/CT-269

okay, last photo of the QCX mini in it's case. This was a fun build.

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