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Interesting way to ground a small commercial tower.

9:1 unun mounted on a PL-259 connector for tomorrow's Winter Field Day. Fancy pants silver plated teflon wire wound around a T106-2 toroid core. With 500 ohms on the input, I get about 80 on the output at 14ish MHz. SWR is higher than expected, dropping as frequency increases. I'm going to toss this in a tree with ~40' of wire . The internal tuner in the radio should take care of the rest.

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Quick intro.
Amateur Extra radio operator
I enjoy all aspects of the hobby
as well as tinkering with arduino and raspberry pi.

Hiking pal ebun on a foggy summit. Worked 70cm FM only from up here. W6/CT-269

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okay, last photo of the QCX mini in it's case. This was a fun build.

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Finished the kit build last night, trickiest thing was winding the input transformer and the filter chokes.

My dad used to wrap Apple 2 parts with aluminum foil in the 80's. I kinda forgot about that until I pulled this chip out of the QCX kit.

After being stuck in customs for a week, I finally took delivery of a 40m QCX kit. Greenie for size reference.

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The Replay Foundation, my employer, announced their liquidation today. This means no more Pinburgh. It also means I'm Officially out of a job for the forseeable, so if y'all wouldn't mind boosting a link to my other source of income Improbable Island, that'd be just super.

It's a silly online game and it doesn't pay as much as fixing pinball machines but heck it's what I've got right now, and this winter's probably gonna be a hairy one.

I thought I found the last unicorn piece for my drive axle - a freewheel adapter for adult tricycles. Sadly the product description was wrong and the threads don't work with actual bike parts..

Third screen in this HT. I smashed the other two via bicycle shenanigans. Hopefully this one will survive at least a year.

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The Collins r390. A #vintage military tube #HF receiver. Range 500 kHz - 32 MHz. Built 1954 1984. Weighs 29 kg (64 lb / 85 lbs). #hamradio #amateurradio #hamr #SWL #DX #VintageFriday #FlashbackFriday


Brings back old memories...🙂

Vietnam Era Radioman #HamRadio

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